Design Facilitation

design facilitation

As an internal effort to reimagine AFS and Fjord DC marketing, a design leadership of myself and three others came together to assess our current marketing strategy and materials, conduct extensive internal stakeholder research, combine research with external marketing team, facilitate a design thinking workshop for senior leadership, and deliver a vision for the future of government and AFS’ role in that future. During this project, I conducted ethnographic coding on 50 pieces marketing materials. I utilized this method to synthesis and pulls themes from our current strategy. Following the initial research, I conducted 14 interviews with senior leadership across all areas of the organization. When it came to the final workshop, I designed the agenda, developed worksheets, facilitated multiple activities during the workshop, as well as served as an individual table facilitator. Following the workshop, I was responsible for synthesizing all the outputs and presenting that in multiple design deliverables. This project is still under way, so the deliverables cannot be published.

Challenge: Help AFS senior leadership reimagine government in the next 5-10 years and how they will frame AFS capabilities to clients to prepare them for this change.

My Role: Design Facilitator

Team Structure: Design Facilitators (2 & me), Project Manager