work samples


As a Service & Visual Designer, my experience encompasses extensive service design projects, user experience research and visual design strategy. I originally started my career as a visual designer and that visual design strategy and “eye” continues to inform all of my work as a service designer. I have experience working with 10+ federal agencies in specialized mission areas such as education, finance, justice, diplomacy, intelligence, and defense.

Since my previous and current work have been in the federal sector, I cannot share my work publicly. I can share my work by request stripped of client names and sensitive information. Feel free to contact me at for specific work samples.


future visioning engagements

It is very rare that organizations are able to reimagine their organization and how they will deliver their mission in the next 5-10 years. These projects are specifically storytelling focused because so much of a future vision is getting organizational buy-in through a compelling story.

Service design projects

Service design projects are some of my favorite projects to work on because clients come to us with a problem and are very open to what that solution could be. These projects allow me to bring together my strengths in strategy, research, and visual design.

user experience research

User experience research is inherent in service design and future visioning projects. Thorough user experience can mean the difference between designing a system that has early adoption and little training required versus having to completely redesign a system every year since research was not completed from the get-go.



Branding is my bread and butter because it brings together my strength in design strategy and visual design. I have crafted an in-depth brand research process that begins with leveling the playing field for all stakeholders and allowing them to explore where they want their organization to go.


Workshop facilitation is an area I have had an opportunity to drive into in the last few years because of my work at Fjord. Presenting and public speaking is an area I am always actively working to improve and is a great strength of mine.


During an application design project, I often serve as a user experience designer and a visual designer. I am involved in the research process, wire framing, and visual design. My end-to-end involvement in the process always allows me to design thorough and well-informed high-fidelity prototypes.