Service Design Engagement

Service design project

An financial focused federal agency came to Fjord DC asking us to find a better way to tell their future vision of their organization. This agency had done a years worth of stakeholder and user research to reimagine their customer experience and services. When they went to present this research to senior leadership and congressional leadership, their vision did not come across the way they had intended and were told to go back to the drawing board. When we came to the project, we realized the research was thorough and had so much potential. We spend four months re-organizing, re-framing, and developing their vision in more depth. We were responsible for coming up with a compelling framework and visual representation of their story.

Challenge: Take the initial vision research for the financial agency and rework and reframe the story and the visuals that accompany that story.

My Role: Lead Visual Designer

Team Structure: Service Design Lead, Service Designer, Lead Visual Designer (me), Business Designer, Program Analyst, Project Manager

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the booklet

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The journey map