Megan is a visionary who thinks quickly and outside the box.  She was recommended by a highly respected colleague and delivered a capability statement that was superior to most.  I highly recommend her and we will be using her in the future to continue pushing the limits on our deliverables.

Tyler S. Laverick, Co-Founder, Bridge Core

“Megan is an innovative designer who well understands the foundations of strategic branding. From logo, site content, to webdesign, she successfully delivered top quality work for my company. Megan is hard working, dependable, and most importantly, she is dedicated to providing customer service for her clients. I strongly recommend her.”


The Center for Media and Public Opinion

“When I direct theatre productions, I need to work with a graphic designer who has the ability to capture the essence, spirit, and/or ideas of a production in a single image. Megan Soule is such a designer. Her work on my production of A Streetcar Named Desire was beyond expectations. I gave her a few general suggestions and she turned them into an arresting and provocative poster which helped generate attention and excitement for the production.”

– Chris Hatch, Director & Actor

I had never worked with a designer before and am so glad my first experience was with Megan. She took the time to understand my vision and was able to quickly fit that vision into what made sense for my brand and professional goals. Her redesign of my website, as well as the creation of a new brand guide and logo was just what I needed to advance in the industry. I look forward to working with her again in the future!

-Elaine Clayton, Travelaine

“Megan knows how to get the job done and how to do it well. For simple headshots, she went above and beyond—she came prepared with location options  and even flowers for a prop! She’s flexible, professional, and, most importantly, fun to work with. I can’t imagine trusting anyone else with my photos.”

-Rosalina Jowers

"It's difficult to talk about exactly what Megan does because her work remains beyond me. Simply put, I trust my ideas in Megan's hands. She listens, disappears, and returns with incredible designs that work. She is fast, reliable and flexible. I turn to her when I need something to come alive. She asks the right questions and identifies any missing parts; in this way, working with her tends to enhance not only the design but the concept itself."

– Addiction Policy Forum (Washington, D.C.)

Megan Soule will make your website look so good, everyone will want to work with you. Megan is bringing major innovations to the design as we know it and I'm proud to call her my colleague and friend."

- Kelsey Brannan, Premiere Gal