UX Research

Veterans benefits administration



A military focused federal agency came to Fjord looking to turn around the services and customer service they offered day-in and day-out was user-centered. The project was to a year-long engagement to conduct extensive user centered design research, including 50 user interviews, 30 stakeholder interviews, heuristic evaluations, and develop 60+ high-fidelity comps. Over the course of the year, I managed three separate agency legacy systems. We focused our research on optimizing the efficiency and experience of the applications.


Sketch, InVision, Salesforce, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop


My Role: User Centered Design Lead

Team Structure: Project Lead, User Centered Design Lead (me), UI/UX Designer, UI/UX Salesforce Designer, Project Manager


Help instill user-centered design practices across the military agency to create culture change and optimize existing legacy systems.


Redesign VBA legacy system for time efficiency and user experience based on user-centered design research



Stakeholder Workshops | The previous team to tackle this challenge had spent the past two years speaking with users, loan servicers, and Dept. of Education to identify current state pain points. What was lacking in their research was how student loan servicing fit into the larger financial world of borrowers, how those solutions fit into the larger vision, and how to gain employee/servicer buy-in. With only a week to develop the research further, I had to get creative in how we collected data. With an office of more than 100+ employees (more than half with student loans or kids with student loans), we decided to take the pulse of the people we had at our finger tips.

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